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Case studies are very popular nowadays. Plenty of prestigious educational institutes include and practice this type of research. There are varieties of one and every student should know them: illustrative case study (its main purpose is to describe something fully or in detail), exploratory case study (make investigations or researches about a chosen subject), cumulative case study (aims at gathering the necessary information and evidences in order to prove a theoretical thesis in practice) and critical case study (which’s general goal is to reveal all the benefits and negative facts from a particular problem). Thus, do not forget them and keep in mind all these names. Why? If a student wants to compose a good case study, he or she should be able to create a good plan that will be logically and structurally right. This will bring you to writing a brilliant case study as we every student knows that a good plan is the key to a good paper. So, do not underestimate everything was said as it will be the crucial factors of conducting case study research.

Writing a case study is quite a difficult task for people who study. If one wants to reach a success here, then he or she should consider several steps while writing case studies:

  • One of the foremost factors of writing at least a good case study is determination with the style of case study type. Thus, if you decided to compose one on organization of business then it is better to use illustrative case study method to show the teaching staff and professors how effective you may can be in your writing.
  • The second thing is to choose the right name of your topic. It is not less a factor of writing a nice paper. Of course, you may and you should use different kinds of informational sources such as books, researches, magazines, specific articles and scientific literature. Moreover, you can use the Internet, but make sure that that the sources you use are reliable ones as the committee will check your work on the absence of plagiarism.
  • You should use the information and materials from the previous academic literature published online in order to make your topic more effective.
  • Next thing is selecting participants in a right way for interviews. It is recommended to draw experts and real professionals to your work as they will be competent and clever enough to help you build your composition properly. Also, you can invite customers as well to ask their opinion on the subject. In both cases, make it sure that information you will receive will be reliable.
  • We would like to advise you to create questions concerning case study writing only. Case study writing has a lot of peculiarities on how to interview different people. Also, you must possess some skills and abilities of a questioner to make your own interviewing well enough to satisfy the committee.
  • We have mentioned about the sources that you may use while making your papers, but we did not say about gathering info. You should have huge spectrum of different kinds of collected materials; beginning from videos and ending with scientific articles and works.
  • You must also formulate the crucial problem that you will discuss. Make it in one or two sentences.
  • The reliability and anti-plagiarism of sources were said about; do not use any primate samples or examples from wherever they come from.
  • Your case study should consist of several sections that have strict borders; introduction, main body of the text, conclusion and the used list of bibliography

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