Tips for Essay Writing You Will Love and Remember

You can get the most out of your college year. You can even rise to the top of your class. All you need to do is to boost your academic essay writing game. And we will show you how. The essay writing tips for highschool students and college goers we’ve collected here will quickly turn you into a good writer who attracts professor’s praise like a magnet. But why should you trust writing essay tips on the Web?

We’ve conquered major digital publishing platforms averaging thousands of views per day. Having written tons of successful articles, we want to focus on helping others with our tips, tricks, and ideas.

Do College Essay Writing Tips Really Work?

Writing can get pretty crazy pretty quickly. Hyphenation, punctuation, apostrophes, comma splices – put your pen to paper and your head will start spinning. Unless, of course, you follow professional writing advice.

You can reach more bravely into the precarious world of academic writing if you are armed with our essay tips. Read them to start acing college assignments.

This brings us to the next point.

How to Write an Essay in Three Hours

Give a student a good essay, and you save their day; teach them how to write a good college essay, on their own, and you turn them into a successful individual. The point? Instead of paying for shoddy academic assistance, learn to write essay on your own. Writing an essay is not that hard once you get the hang of it. With enough training, you’ll be able to finish an essay in approximately three hours. Really! Start by considering essay writing topics for school students. We’ve gathered the most interesting topics for essay writing and examples for school students to get your creative energies flowing. Browse through our articles to find tips on crafting an outline, thesis, or a conclusion for an essay.

On the most basic level, a three-hour writing sprint looks like follows:

  1. Brainstorming

Fire up your brain and let it riot. Hold back nothing: even embarrassingly awful ideas can turn into something worthy. Let it flow. When no creative stone is unturned, evaluate your options and put aside the most interesting ones. Choose a winner and narrow your scope.

  1. Researching

Work through your reading list. Make use of the table of contents in each book to find relevant materials. Try to understand general information before honing in on the finer points in each source. As you work through the documents, make notes.

  1. Outlining

Your awesome ideas should be nested within an outline. Put them one by one onto a page to recognize new connections and organize them better. Under each outline entry, write several smaller ideas. Thus, you’ll have a much easier time connecting them later in the paper.

  1. Writing

A strong thesis statement will become the cornerstone of your essay. Once it is crafted, write the essay using outline entries as separate sections. Each section should have the same structure: introductory sentence, supporting ideas, and conclusion.

  1. Editing

Add the finishing touches by editing your essay. Pay attention to all the small details while making sure the main points fall in the correct order. Add transition words to properly connect all ideas and claims.

There is a lot that goes into each writing phase. We will unpack each of those five stages on the pages of this blog.

If there’s one thing we want you to remember, it’s that a great essay can be written in three hours! Once you learn how to do it, your life will never be the same again.

How to Get Better at Writing Essays

Guidelines for writing have become a tad repetitious these days. If you are tired from reading rehashed articles and look for something fresh – rejoice! We only publish new and exciting materials. Too good to be true? Don’t take us on our word alone, here’s an essay writing technique, you’ve never heard before.

Write the last sentence first.

That’s right: take your writing project to the finish line… and start from there. When the concluding sentence is the first one you write, the pressure to succeed dissipates. All you are trying to accomplish with this simple technique is to remove the fear of the blank page. If the first thing you write is not the momentous opening statement but rather a seemingly insignificant final thought, everything becomes easier. Try it!

Creative Ways to Write an Essay

A good way to start an essay is to give them something meaty to sink their teeth in. The best introductory paragraphs are juicy and exciting. To write such a section, use one of the following strategies:

  • Pose a question

Questions are camouflaged fish hooks. Nothing gets a reader into an essay like a well-posed question.

  • State a fact

Make it interesting. Then, elaborate on the fact in the opening paragraph.

  • Describe a place

If the primary setting for your paper is a place, then go ahead and describe it. Give your professor something to “look” at.

  • Open with a riddle

It shouldn’t necessarily be a riddle. A witty observation or a humorous quotation would do.

Want more tips, tricks, and ideas? Show yourself around the website, and you’ll quickly become a champ at writing college essays!