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100 Topics for Your Argumentative Essay

“Should students be assigned argumentative essays?” This would make a brilliant argumentative essay topic. If, however, you don’t want to write why students cry buckets and why we should prohibit the academic atrocity known as an argumentative essay, you need to come up with another topic. However, it is easier said than done. Why? Because topic selection is a critical phase in the essay writing process. Bungle it, and you will have either a nightmarish writing experience or a poor grade or both. A great topic allows for a critical analysis in which two sides of an issue are considered. Furthermore, your topic should be current; otherwise, it won’t interest the modern audience. Naturally, the topic selection process bewilders many students.

To spare you the trouble of picking and discarding countless ideas for your argumentative essay topic, we’ve generated them for you. Feel free to use any of the below topics as a basis for your essay:

Argumentative Essays Topics for College

  1. Must progressive taxation exist?
  2. Should teenage pregnancies be terminated?
  3. Is there life after death?
  4. Polygamy is not a vice.
  5. Transgender military ban should be lifted.
  6. Is it time for stricter gun control laws?
  7. Verbal abuse is more harmful than the physical
  8. Are there ethical justifications for firearm possession?
  9. Should sex-selective abortions be banned?
  10. Should there be felonious charges for anti-vaccers?
  11. Is there a place for communism in the US?
  12. Are all religions equally good/bad?
  13. Are CEOs egregiously overpaid?
  14. Global climate change denial must be a criminal offense.
  15. Why celebrities should not become politicians.
  16. Is Twitter a public square?
  17. Why Facebook should banish hate speech.
  18. Hillary Clinton would do a better job than Donald Trump.
  19. Are there negative aspects of feminism?
  20. We need obligatory feminism classes in primary school.
  21. YouTube blogging is a real job.
  22. Tobacco products should be banished from the market.
  23. It is time for comprehensive prison reform in the US.
  24. Divorce negatively impacts a child.
  25. Hollywood is the main contributor to body shaming problem.
  26. Donald Trump is the instigator of neo-Nazism.
  27. People have the right to online privacy.
  28. Physically inactive people should be taxed.
  29. Why junk food should not be affordable.
  30. Kids should be taught about e-cigarettes at school.
  31. Governmental surveillance is needed to stop domestic violence.
  32. Racism is caused by poor education.
  33. Cultural appropriation should be a punishable offense.
  34. A case against universal basic income.
  35. Should we prejudice against prejudiced?
  36. Private schools widen class divide in the US.
  37. Is there a place for spiritual education in public schools?
  38. Capital punishment for animal abuse.
  39. Well-meaning environmentalism is a cause of California wildfires.
  40. We need more hybrid cars.
  41. The system of imperial units must be discarded.
  42. Dwindling numbers of polar bears are a cause of concern.
  43. People have the right to die.
  44. A case for free universal access to insulin.
  45. Is Trump a dictator?
  46. Is Putin a dictator?
  47. Fashion houses promulgate objectification.
  48. Unsubstantiated racism accusations contribute to the problem of racism.
  49. Is college education effective?
  50. Are Generation Z-ers worse than Millennials?
  51. Are Generation Z-ers excessively dependent on technology?
  52. Should catfishing be banned?
  53. Netflix binge-watching is a dangerous form of escapism.
  54. Should authorities access private social media profiles?
  55. There should not be a separation between public and private lives.
  56. We need more female pilots.
  57. Poor education is to be blamed for mass shootings.
  58. Technology can stop mass shootings.
  59. Art cannot stay apolitical.
  60. Should health warnings be removed from cigarette boxes?
  61. Total abortion legalization would be disastrous.
  62. Is plagiarism uncontrollable?
  63. What kind of ideas is the most dangerous?
  64. Cheerleading is sexist.
  65. Body positivity movement is a public health menace.
  66. People can be healthy at all sizes.
  67. Should fat acceptance be promoted?
  68. UK-EU relationship is toxic.
  69. EU is doomed.
  70. Abby Road is the Beetles’ best album.
  71. Greed is driving up the global
  72. Capitalism is the 21st-century black plague.
  73. We need more women-centric tech products.
  74. A minimum wage should not be lower than $30/hour.
  75. Emailing is an outdated mode of communication.
  76. Generation Z is a DIY generation.
  77. Youth violence crisis is unsolvable.
  78. Can ADHD be joyful?
  79. Will Brexit lead to a dystopia?
  80. Should boys learn about periods?
  81. There is no place for Latin phrases in the modern English language.
  82. Can a name match a face?
  83. Is there a clash of civilizations?
  84. Dating apps harm women and men alike.
  85. Mars missions are a waste of taxpayers’ money.
  86. Loot boxes corrupt gamers.
  87. Gaming community suffers from toxic masculinity.
  88. The marketplace of ideas is depleted.
  89. Some speech should be compelled.
  90. Online advertisements have no right to exist.
  91. There is no place for private property in the 21st
  92. Living off-grid is wholesome.
  93. Is volunteering an ethical obligation?
  94. Everyone should be bilingual.
  95. Is cooking a form of art?
  96. School uniforms do not have to be obligatory.
  97. India is a new global superpower.
  98. There is nothing happy about Happy Meal.
  99. Should the government control children’s nutrition?
  100. Colleges should be less selective.

Happy writing!