500 word essay

500 Word Essay Example for the Beginners

So you want to know what does a 500 word essay look like? It looks like two double spaced pages of boring writing for college. Mic drop! Cheese jokes aside, you came here for examples and good guidance on how to write the tricky essay. And you’ll get them for free! But first things first: Why do students have to deal with such assignments? A short essay format works great to show one’s writing prowess. As such, it is commonly used for scholarships applications and English writing classes. One can even be assigned a 500-word essay in a nursing school. Go figure. If there is a need for citations, they can be arranged using either APA, Harvard, Oxford, or MLA format. Consider the basic outline for a short essay:

  1. Introduction
  2. First Supporting Point.
  3. Second Supporting Point.
  4. Third Supporting Point.
  5. Conclusion.

As you can see, a 500-word essay follows a five-paragraph structure. Read more about it below.

How Long is a 500 Word Essay?

I will neglect the risk of turning into a beardy man clad in military garb who goes by the name of Captain Obvious, and state a patently clear thing: 500 word essay length is … about 500 words. How many pages does it take to write such an essay? When measured in pages, the essay occupies the space of only two. If, however, you write an essay for a scholarship and want to squeeze it into one page, you can do so by selecting the single spaced format in your word processor. Let’s tackle another important question: “How to write a good essay?” To this end, you should come up with fresh, challenging, and gripping ideas. Also, it is essential to follow a five paragraphs structure. This type of essay allows the student to present their thoughts in a consistent and logical manner. Here’s an example of what a 500 word essay looks like.

Sample of 500 Word Essay on Respect

In this essay, I attempt to discuss infinitely more than just what respect means to me. Because respect is a universally understood concept shared by all people across all cultures. As such, the essay is not about myself, but rather about a language all members of the human species speak fluently – the language of respect. In this 500 word essay integrity takes a prominent role because I would be remiss if I did not mention the importance of character’s consistency in the broader topic of self respect. After all, when viewed through the lens of respect, your life experience is the function of your sense of wholeness regardless of the circumstances. There are different modes of behavior suitable for students, for teachers, for yourself, and for others; nonetheless, a person paying due regard to one’s and other people’s beliefs behaves consistently well and takes responsibility for their actions. That is what people in the military call self control; that is what people occupying leadership positions call good management; that is what I call respect. The aim of this paper is to discuss what is respect and provide a simple definition of the concept. It also attempts to explain why elders should be treated with respect and what respectful behavior entails.

Respect is commonly defined as a proper regard for the feelings, beliefs or desires of others. Put simply, the concept presupposes the acknowledgment of the content of other people’s thought. Unfortunately, the mere acknowledgment appears to be an extremely low bar.

In order to find a more apt definition of respect, let us look at the flip side – disrespect. Being disrespectful is displaying disregard of one’s beliefs, feelings, or desires. In other words, a disrespectful person violates people’s expectations of behavior toward them. Thus, it can be argued that respect is mindfulness of social expectations, which differ across various milieus.

At this point, it is necessary to reintroduce integrity back into the discussion. Even though respect is a heavily-context dependent concept, people respecting themselves should behave with consistency regardless of their immediate surroundings. For example, respectful individuals consistently modulate their language choices to ensure that neither elderly nor vulnerable people are offended. It means that respect can be defined as a conscious choice to change one’s behavior in accordance with other people’s views of objectionable or offensive phenomena. It must be stressed that a respectful person’s beliefs about acceptable actions, values, principles, etc. may differ from those held by others. Nonetheless, a self-respecting individual of integrity must acknowledge the present discrepancies and act politely regardless.

As has been shown in this essay, respect is in the eye of a beholder, and one should always be mindful of it. There is no single universally accepted definition of respect and yet everyone instantly feels when they are being disrespected. It is precisely for this reason people should err on the side of preemptive courtesy whenever possible. If we start treating each other respectfully, soon, we will find ourselves in a much better world.